Service commitment

1. humanization of the service system.
2. Maintenance Department and front office holidays and 6th week without rest, 24 hours service, guarantee users hop to hop.
3. strict quality control, put an end to the use of counterfeit parts.
4. after receiving the report, within 24 hours of completing maintenance tasks.
5 ... in strict accordance with the maintenance procedures and the operation and maintenance, and ensure the quality of service.
6. repair group, arrived at the maintenance site at any time.
7. visit customer survey service satisfaction, drawing users in a timely manner.
8. machine repair after delivery, in June if there is the same part of the same accessories fault, provide free warranty.
9. fault not excluded, does not charge a maintenance fee.
10. customers in my center maintenance machines can pay invoices and warranty maintenance the machine again in my company, maintenance fee of 10%.
11. fees and strict implementation of the municipal price Bureau and I company of the maintenance fees, do not exaggerate the failure to eliminate fees.
12. no replacement for normal maintenance accessories fault, materials prices producer price caps as, maintenance workers may not report, making false statements.