Maintenance area

Teach you how to size air conditioning maintenance tips

1. electric air conditioning is a big power in the electrical
. Air conditioning power, determined primarily is to see the number of boot, because of relatively high starting current and high power, so the power consumption. Families should take advantage of the General timing function, so that air conditioning does not work all night, and keep the indoor temperature, generally from 5 o'clock in the afternoon, set to 4-5 hours.
2. air conditioner housing, maintenance and filter
air conditioning shell panels on various other easy to gather dust, you can regularly clean with soft skin, use mild soap and scrub not to exceed 40 c, but we must pay attention to, you cannot use the essential oil, petrol and acid chemical scrubbing.
inside the air conditioner maintenance method, prolonged use of air conditioner, indoor opportunities has a lot of dust and bad odors, directly affect the cooling effect of the air conditioning, so regular cleaning is necessary for a long time. Method is to clean the indoor heat exchanger, carefully scored panels, clean with a soft cloth, and use small brush to gently scrub the heat exchanger of the indoor unit. But because of the heat sink is very thin aluminum material, after forces deform easily, so be careful and polished.
Interior cleaning of filters, if your filter is very dirty, that the cooling effect of the air conditioning was not very good. You need to clean it on a regular basis, keep 1 cleaned once a month.
(b) considerations in the
air conditioner to be aware of the security considerations:
(1) cannot have flammable gases in air conditioning room, so as to avoid explosions and fires.
(2) air conditioners switch do not frequent, because the compressor starts when current is many times the normal operating current, easy to burn out the motor of the compressor.
(3) not to put anything on the outdoor unit of air conditioner to avoid air conditioning noise, air conditioner, is a great deal of persecution.
(4) general air conditioning temperatures to a 26 ℃-28 ℃, to avoid excessive power consumption.
(5) next to the air conditioner must not be high-temperature heat source to avoid air conditioner heat deformation of the Panel.
(6) air conditioners run after a certain time, should open the window of downtime to replace the air, if your air conditioning for new features open, absolutely good for your body. BACK PAGE