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Consumers should pay attention to temperature regulation about

Air conditioning purposes, is for us to create a comfortable environment for human comfort depends on the heat balance of the human body, many factors that affect thermal balance, such as: ambient temperature, relative humidity, air velocity in the vicinity of human body, surface temperature, personal habits, activities, clothing, a person's age, State of health, etc.
therefore, the comfort is subjective and objective after exposure to many factors lead to a subjective feeling. As for temperature, so that people do not feel hot, not cold temperature is called "physical zero". Physical zero is feeling the most comfortable temperature, different people will have different physiological zero. Moreover, the same person in different situations also have different physiological zero. General physical health of normal, physiological and zero about 28 c ~29 c. Therefore, air conditioning near room temperature should be kept at this temperature is selected.
we were enjoying comfortable temperatures, also pay attention to keep the body healthy. Air conditioning indoor and outdoor temperature cannot deviate too much, generally 5 ¡æ ~10 ¡æ. If the difference is too large, then we are in and out when subjected to sudden changes in temperature, is very susceptible to colds and other diseases.
after the comfort and health are guaranteed, we should consider saving. If the air conditioning refrigeration temperature too low or heating temperature too high, are very energy-intensive. So think in terms of power, summer room temperature cannot be adjusted too low, or too high temperature in winter.
taken together, reasonable air conditioning room temperature is 28 c ~29 c in the summer and winter at 18 ¡æ ~20 ¡æ. As long as we noted above, will be able to live in a comfortable environment, and ensuring physical health, but also achieve the objective of saving, so why not? BACK PAGE