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Air conditioning in the winter maintenance of particular

After a cold, some family air conditioning will break down and inactive for a long time; some family air conditioning then handy for heating. Air conditioning is in use before and after the season should be doing maintenance, and what to watch for in the maintenance and user issues of common concern. Press random survey found that most air conditioner users generally on the air conditioning maintenance is in accordance with the instructions described in, clean the filter on a regular basis, when not in use, wipe the machine panels, the outer hood cover, little money to specialized technical personnel to come clean and maintain. Reporters in several air conditioning after-sales service department understands that they have dedicated to cleaning and maintenance services. Each company has its own charging standards, window cleaning, maintenance time is generally around 40 Yuan, wall-mounted is 70 Yuan. Addition in different time of year, many traders to engage in some of the activities during the event to provide its users with free home cleaning and maintenance services.
season doing what industry insiders remind users that, winter air conditioning if unused for a long time, you should clean the filter to avoid accumulation of dust affect the next time you use it. If the filter contamination too much, you can use water or neutral detergent wash, but not more than 50 ℃ hot water or detergent, alkaline, acidic liquids, such as gasoline, banana water cleaning, so as to avoid deformation.
while cleaning the Panel be careful not too hard, dirty heavy can use neutral detergent diluted with water, wrung out cloth in the water first, and then to wipe, clean the machine thoroughly after washing detergent on the case. Air conditioner function keys in the "air condition", the operation 3-4 hour, moisture distribution within the air conditioning, keep the inside dry. Then turn off the air conditioner and unplug the power plug. Remove the batteries in the remote control and to avoid battery leakage corrosion of internal components. Cleaning an outdoor radiator, not with stick-like object to insert, or the fan is stuck or damaged; outdoor casing if you wipe with a cloth, and available light, cleaner mops for cleaning, and then on the casing cover with cover to prevent dusty affect the normal operation of the machine.
using season zhiqian do some what weather gradually cold, many people wants to using air conditioning business hot, so in again enabled Shi, to special note removal outdoor machine stamped of dust cover, view thermal tablets product gray whether too much, around has no effect ventilation of debris, see wind machine whether has card died, and power line, and distribution tube insulation sets has no was mouse chew bite, phenomenon, if condensation device, and evaporator has more of dust attached that effect Exchange effect words, as don't himself free water flush, prevent water into compressor, The best cleaning professionals. Indoor unit due to the long time, also clean the filter screen and the machine housing. Businesses also reminded users, carefully read the instructions before heating, verify that remote control battery power enough, try check is functioning properly, abnormal voice should be promptly notified to the professional and technical personnel, do not force the power on operation. BACK PAGE