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Air conditioning power saving efficiency of the eight tips

Eight tips that can improve the efficiency of air conditioning, allowing you to save electricity:
one, not just for the sake of air conditioning at low temperature, temperature set properly. In refrigeration, air conditioning, set the temperature at 2 degrees centigrade higher, you can save 20%. For meditation or ongoing mild labor people, acceptable indoor temperature generally between 27 ℃-28 ℃.
the second, filter mesh cleaning. Too much dust can plug the mesh and double the air effort.
third, improved maintenance of the room structure. On some of the doors and Windows of the room structure is poor, gap is relatively large, to do some emergency improvement if seal the window seam tape with glue and put a layer of transparent plastic film, in the window shade curtains, interior walls of wooden or plastic Board, outside the walls painted in white paint in order to reduce the air loss through exterior walls.
four, choose a moderate cooling power air conditioning. Air conditioning in a refrigeration power is insufficient, not only fail to provide enough cooling effect, and because the operation for a long time, will shorten the service life of air conditioning, increased air conditioning use the possibility of failure. In addition, if air conditioning refrigeration power is too high, it will make the air conditioner's thermostat switches too frequently, leading to increased wear of the air conditioning compressor and will also result in increased air conditioning electricity consumption.
v, out of direct sunlight. In the summer, cover the direct sunlight, can be saving around 5%. When
, air conditioning, refrigeration, shroud plate position adjust reset to horizontal direction, cooling effect will be even better.
seven, connected indoor unit and outdoor unit air conditioning pipe short and not curved, good cooling effect and no electricity. Even if forced to bend, but also to keep the pipe in a horizontal position.
BA, the outlet to keep smooth. Do not pile up large pieces of furniture to block heat dissipation, increase unnecessary power consumption. Most noteworthy is that air conditioning is not saving, depends on each air conditioning energy efficiency ratio, energy efficiency ratio, the higher the energy saving. BACK PAGE