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What is a variable frequency air conditioner

Brief inverter air conditioner is added a converter on the general structure of the air conditioning. Compressor is the heart of air conditioning, the speed directly affects the efficiency of air conditioning, inverter is used to control and adjust the compressor speed control system, so that it is always in the best speeds, thereby improving energy efficiency (20%~30% than other conventional air conditioning). Frequency air conditioning has following features:
① started current small, speed gradually speed up, started current is general air conditioning of 1/7;
II no in fits and starts of problem, because frequency air conditioning is with temperature close set temperature and gradually reduced speed, gradually reached set temperature and keep and cold volume loss equilibrium of low frequency running, makes indoor temperature keep stable;
③ noise than general air conditioning low, because frequency air conditioning used of is double rotor compressor, greatly reduced has swing not balance degrees, Outdoor unit vibrations are very small, about 1/2;
II of the conventional air conditioning refrigeration and heating 1~2 times faster than conventional air conditioning. Inverter air conditioner use of electronic expansion throttling technology, microprocessors can be set according to the expansion valve import and export, compressor suction pipe at various temperature sensors to collect information to control the valve opening, for the purpose of rapid cooling, heating. BACK PAGE