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Buy air conditioning of the four cardinal principles

, See the brand
air conditioning brands on the market today are more domestic, foreign, most of which have their own unique advertising, making it difficult for consumer choice. Recommended when purchasing air conditioning, taking the enterprise strength, high brand awareness, perfect after-sales service of the product. This is based on two considerations, above all ensures implementation of the service, because the air conditioning is a large household appliances, service is very important. According to the relevant regulations of the State, the compressor should be under warranty for 3 years, almost fierce competition in the home appliance market, some manufacturers tend to live shorter, 35 "down". Enterprises fell, naturally difficult to implement its commitments. If cheap, buy weaker product, brand awareness is not high, affected no
poor. Second quality considerations, because enterprise strength, high brand awareness of air conditioning, relatively speaking, more stable quality. Such enterprises are not only strong technical force, and also pay special attention to quality, buy the product quality is guaranteed.
II, is picking good businesses
consumers in selected air conditioning brand, we need to decide where to purchase. Buy air conditioning, select business is particularly important. Because strictly speaking, air conditioning is a "semi-finished", not bought from the store will be able to use, but after professional installation, commissioning, can be used. If a bad installation, commissioning, and will bring about a series of problems, for example, the air is dirty, pipe joints leak, human caused failures in debug. These will not only affect the results, and will add a lot of headaches. Meanwhile, many manufacturers service also requires businesses to perform and implement. Therefore choose the right business is essential. In the selection of business, insiders suggested that first selects those strong influence in local business tycoons, because those businesses operate more sales and more generally have a professional installation and commissioning team and their quality guaranteed installation, commissioning, after-sales service is also better. Next is to select those long-term distribution of air conditioning business, try not to short dealer to buy, because the dealer after-sales service will be significantly reduced.
three, is buying
air conditioning is a consumption of household appliances, if undersized, effect on if the power is too large, and wasteful. So when consumers choose air conditioning power and volume purchases. First, don't be greedy and, some consumers prefer to buy air conditioners, this is not desirable, because in addition to a number of special factors, the household air conditioner has its range of use. Consumer
at the time of purchase according to their living room area to select the model of the air conditioning, General according to the following formula to calculate the room required cooling capacity, and heat. Cooling capacity room size x140W to 180W; heating room x180W to 240W. Also according to the room, the floor and the sealing of the appropriate increase or decrease. Second, according to the design of the room, and purchasing flexibility. Not as some families do, buy a large air conditioner in the living room, to try to save room, which not only hard to save room, also leads to waste. Logical course of action is, according to room type and buy some power, air conditioning, various rooms. In this way, the face of it, invested, but long term, it is aneconomy to. For example a 110 square meters of three-bedroom, two living room, you can buy a tank 2 air conditioners in the living room, living room and dining room, bedroom-1 YD of small air conditioning. Than buy a 3 HP air conditioning in the living room to be reasonable.
four, skillfully timed
buy air conditioning different from most other household appliances, it has a fluctuating prices as temperatures change. It is understood that from October last year to the end of March of the following year, is low season; and from April to September is high season, high season and low season spreads at around 7%-10%, an air conditioner can cost hundreds of thousands of Yuan. In the season, one of the six,
Qi、basange of the month is in the Mong Kok, Mong Kok, in General, some manufacturers will also be based on sales trends and adjust the price accordingly. So, when shopping for air conditioning, if good timing, you can save a lot of expenses. BACK PAGE