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What is the DC inverter air conditioner

After following the digital television, also appeared frequently in the media this year "digital inverter air conditioner" concept, the manufacturers said their air conditioning as a digital frequency conversion air conditioner, said consumer fog. So, just what kind of air conditioner is digital DC inverter air conditioner? According to strict scientific sense, air conditioner has the following four features is truly digital DC inverter air conditioner. From the importance of air conditioning parts, air conditioning is to first make the air conditioning compressors of digital DC digital DC. The important position of
air condition compressor air conditioning, just as is the human heart, only the air conditioning compressor realization of digital DC, digital DC to make air conditioning can be achieved. Haier air conditioner recently developed "new Superman" digital DC inverter air conditioner, adopts international advanced level efficient digital DC inverter compressor, the compressor uses digital signal control, is currently the world's most advanced air conditioning compressor, which achieved low noise and efficient operation of the compressor. This compressor requires digital conversion circuit technology replacing the original AC circuit, and according to changes in ambient temperature precisely controlled speed, the compressor is always running at its best.
digital DC inverter compressor's unique advantage is that it gets rid of the original "→ AC → DC → AC voltage variable speed AC motor" cycle works, using state of the art "→ DC → AC voltage variable speed digital machines" control technology, reducing the number of current changes in the work, enable improved energy conversion efficiency.
wind confidential digital second digital DC inverter air conditioner motor. Refers to using digital pulse digital motor control, speed very precise motor in the motor turning and changing the speed during the complete control to achieve slow speed, can ensure the fan in the best way for smooth and quiet operation. While avoiding the AC noise due to AC motors greatly reduces operation noise
third, using digital sensors. Sensor is at ambient temperature and temperature control system for air conditioning in the dialog window. Haier's new Superman sensor with digital processing, acceptable representative of real-world analog signals, and converts it into a digital signal, digital signal processing, precise control of the compressor and the fan speed and temperature control can be accurate to within 0.5 c. In other words, slight changes in ambient temperature, the sensor will accurately convey this change to compressor and blower systems, temperature the indoor temperature is always in a constant state. Precise temperature regulation, higher indoor comfort.
Finally, to really fully digital air conditioning energy saving. Haier adopts internationally advanced digital DC inverter compressor uses a v-shaped permanent magnet rotor, without magnetic loss, without magnetization, magnetic lines of force concentration, reduces energy loss in the conversion process, make the compressor run smoother, quieter and more efficient than the conventional air conditioner power 48%. Digital compressor energy saving effect, like a light bulb, in the absence of prior to using digital processing, power 30% used to shine, 70% is used to heat, if you can digitize, so after using digital, 70% of electrical energy into light, 30% of electrical energy turns into heat energy, energy-saving effect is obvious. BACK PAGE