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Solar water heater repair

Solar water heater repair 

Among the many household appliances, water heater safety issues among other things need attention. So, the water heater must be done often maintenance, eliminate security risks and prevent accidents.
1, a regular system of sewage, to prevent the pipe from block and cleaning the tank, keep the water clean. Sewage, as long as the drive water under normal conditions, open sewage valve, sewage valve out of the water on the line.
2, periodically clear the Sun collection vessel transparent cover plate dust, keep the cover clean to ensure high transmission rate. Cleaning should be done in early morning or late evening when the sunshine is not strong, the temperature is low, transparent cover to prevent cold-induced break.
3, check the transparent cover for damage and if damaged should be replaced.
4, vacuum tube solar water heater, be sure to check the vacuum or vacuum tube within the glass tube is broken when barium titanium--black getter vacuum tubes, which indicates that the vacuum has decreased, need to replace the tube.
5 in addition to cleaning the vacuum tube, vacuum tube solar water heater, but must be cleaning reflector.
6, check all pipes, valves, ball valves, solenoid valve, connecting hose for leaks, if any should be repaired in a timely manner.
7, a heat absorber coating for any damage or loss should be repaired in a timely manner. All brackets, pipe brush once a year, such as the protection of paint to prevent rust.
8, to prevent stagnation. Circulatory system to stop the loop known as sunshine, Sunshine will cause the collector temperature, damage the coating makes Cabinet insulation layer, broken glass and so on. Contributed to the stagnation could is circular pipes get clogged; also in a natural circulation system may not be enough cold water supply, water level in the water tank below the circular tube caused by forced circulation system may be caused by a circulating pump stopped working.

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